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Banquet·Banquet rooms

Gorgeous, colorful, feast and bad.

A fun gathering held throughout the four seasons. Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki, we will assist you with various gatherings.

Banquets being held right now·Event plan Each plan

Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki, we are preparing a banquet plan that is most suitable for various scenes in the four seasons in Japan.

   spring, farewell party·Welcome Party plan
summer, Beer party
 autumn, Autumn banquet plan
   winter, Year End Party·New Year Party Plan

Besides this, handmade wedding reception, various circles and events launching · tea party · thanks · anniversary etc.
We accept various banquets according to your budget.

We prepare plan that can satisfy every scene and we are waiting for everyone's use.

  • 2019 autumn banquet plan

    Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki Special Selection! The autumn banquet plan has started!
    All-you-can-drink for an appetizing autumn and all-you-can-drink for 120 minutes of all 25 types of drinks.
    Please use it not only for company and group gatherings, but also for girls-only gatherings.

    A plan, 9 large plate buffet dishes, 120 minutes with all you can drink from a toast, 1 person, 5,000 yen

    B plan, 10 platter buffet dishes, all-you-can-drink for 120 minutes from toast, 1 person, 6,000 yen

    C plan, 11 platter buffet dishes, 120 minutes with all you can drink from a toast, 1 person, 7,000 yen

    Banquet time

    17: 00-22: 00 (Banquet final start time, 19: 30)
  • Banquet Hall·Information on the conference room

    We will provide you with satisfying service at large and small venues.

    [Star Light]
     Maximum number of people, 40 people, Conference·Dining together·Banquet

    [Bridge View]
     Maximum number of people, 20 people, Conference·Dining together·Banquet

    [Sans Souci]
     Maximum number of people, 80 people, Dining together·Banquet

    Reserve·Contact us
    TEL, 083-223-3333 MAIL, info@plazahotel.co.jp