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Information on meals

Sans Souci the taste of Shimonoseki at the panoramic restaurant Sans Souci overlooking the strait

The name "San-Sussie" comes from the "San-Sussie San Souci Palace" in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, Germany.
Kingdom of Prussia palace = Sans Souci, built by Friedrich II Kingdom of Prussia from 1745 to 1747, means "all good" "all good" and is called a great palace.
Spend a wonderful time in Sans Souci while gazing at the wide open views to the Kanmon Strait and Moji in Kyushu
  • About our new coronavirus infection prevention measures

    Under the guidance of the Japan Tourism Agency and industry groups, we are taking various measures to prevent new coronavirus infections.

    ·Seating in consideration of social distance ·Regular ventilation in the store ·Thorough disinfection of various parts of the store
    ·Request for disinfection of fingers and temperature measurement at the time of admission ·Health check and identity verification of customers
    ·Consideration is given to distribute the usage time of customers in order to avoid a dense situation 
    ·Rules for visiting the store wearing a mask ·Please wear a mask except when eating

    The staff thoroughly manages their health on a daily basis, and strictly imposes temperature measurement, diligent hand sanitization, and wearing a mask during work.

    Please Sans Souci to visit the restaurant Sans Souci

  • RESTAURANT Sans Souci Sans souci RESTAURANT Sans souci

    Guidance of the view restaurant Sans Souci business

    Port city Shimonoseki, which faces Moshi Port in Moji Port in Kitakyushu across the strait, which is famous for Selling bananas at a street stall
    We will hospitality to everyone who visits this town in an observation restaurant that collects local fresh ingredients

    ■Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki 10 F

    ■Breakfast, 7: 00 to 9: 30(Last Order 9: 00)

    ■Lunch is currently closed 

    ■Dinner from 17:00 to 21:00(Last order 20:30) 
    (Last orders for some menus are at 20:00.)

    ■Open 365 days  ■50 seats  ■Private rooms (maximum 50 people) are also available.

    ※All prices shown include tax

    Reserve·Contact us, TEL 083-223-3333
  • Breakfast, Breakfast, Time

    • Breakfast

      Four seasons Japanese breakfast

      Commitment to local ingredients and handmade craftsmanship that repeats ordinary things normally
      1,760 yen(tax included)
  • Lunch time Lunch Time

    Lunch time is currently closed
    Please wait for reopening
    (Photo: 1st floor lounge)
  • Dinner Time

    The chief chef's creative cuisine and a variety of drinks including wine selected by the senior sommelier
    Food specialists treat guests tonight in luxury
    Enjoy dishes made with fresh local ingredients while gazing at the illuminated Kaikyo Strait Yume Tower and the twinkling nightscape of the Kanmon Strait Straits.

    Seasonal kaiseki cuisine, colorful Japanese set meals, Shimonoseki's specialty fuku dishes and a la carte dishes...We offer a variety of dishes that demonstrate the skills of our chefs.

    ※Some menus require reservations at least 3 days in advance.All prices shown include tax
  • A la carte

    Edamame 440 yen French fries 550 yen Kikugawa somen boiled noodles 770 yen Choshu Chicken juicy fried chicken 825 yen Fluffy soup roll with good soup stock 990 yen

    Choshu Chicken roast curry 1,155 yen Kamameshi (Choshu Chicken) 1,155 yen Kamameshi (fuku) 1,155 yen Kanmon octopus shabu-shabu 1,320 yen  

    Homemade Japanese-style hamburger ¥1,320 Kawara Soba ¥1,980 Yamaguchi Wagyu beef steak (100g) ¥3,300 

    Fuku no nigiri sushi 990 yen Grilled Fuku no milt from 2,500 yen (market price) Tiger fuku sashimi 18cm plate 2,200 yen / 23 cm dish 3,960 yen   

    ※All prices shown include tax.
  • drink

    Asahi Super Dry (medium bottle) 770 yen Kirin Lager Beer (medium bottle) 770 yen Sapporo Black Label (medium bottle) 770 yen Asahi Super Dry (middle bottle) 720 yen Non-alcoholic beer 550 yen Highball 660 yen Lime, yuzu, plum, Calpis) 550 yen

    Local sake Sekimusume 660 yen Dry Gokyo 770 yen Fuku Hirezake (hot sake with blowfish fin) 1,100 yen  

    Nikaido 440 yen Kurokirishima 440 yen Tomino Hozan 660 yen Satsuma Chaya 660 yen Isami 660 yen Satsuma’s plum wine Sekitoba’s Yuzu Wine yen Satsuma’s plum wine Sekitoba’s Yuzu Wine discount 660 yen Hisui 660 yen Zanpa Black 550 yen Brown sugar shochu Asahi 660 yen     

    Glass wine (white/red) 880 yen each Various bottle wines are available(From 2,750 yen)

    Coffee 550 yen Tea 550 yen Ice coffee 660 yen Ice tea 660 yen Orange juice 440 yen Apple juice 440 yen  
    Coca-Cola ¥440 Oolong Tea ¥440 Ginger Ale ¥440  

    Suntory Reserve 660 yen Suntory Yamazaki 12 years 1,650 yen Chivas Regal Mizunara 880 yen Laphroaig Aged 10 Years 770 yen  
    Macallan 12 years 1,650 yen Glenmorangie 10 years 880 yen Alan 10 years 990 yen Old Grandad 114 770 yen Wild Turkey 8 Years Old 770 yen    

    ※The menu is partly excerpted. All prices shown include tax.
  • In-depth restaurant events

    We have prepared 3 sets of 9 local brands carefully selected by the hotel, with a small amount of drink x 3 types.

    ·Wen old wisdom new set ·Ginjo craftsman set ·Blessing set of the earth

    Each has a different taste and taste, and the cup may not stop as you continue to drink.
    Please take this opportunity to experience Yamaguchi's famous sake.