As part of measures against the new coronavirus infection, buffet-style breakfast will be discontinued for the time being from March 9 (Monday) and will be served in Japanese set-meal format.
"2020 Farewell Party" and "Spring Celebration Table" are being held!

【Official】Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki

Good location close to business district and sightseeing spot and location overlooking Kanmon Strait

Located in the center of Shimonoseki City, it is convenient for business as well as a base for sightseeing

5 minutes by car from JR Shimonoseki Station, 10 minutes from Shimonoseki IC
Within walking distance to popular spots such as Karato Market, Kamonwharf, Kaikyokan, Akama Shrine, Strait Yume Tower

Boasting the sea city Shimonoseki offers fresh seafood specialties and various night and half night plan

  • Lunch while watching the ship going across the strait and dinner enjoying the night view of the opposite shore Kyushu

    In the panoramic restaurant Sans Souci, you can overlook the Kanmon Strait and Ganryu Island from the large glass window.
    While looking at the Kanmon Strait which changes the expression by the change of morning, noon, night and time
    Please enjoy the taste of Shimonoseki carefully

              Opening Hours

    LUNCH, 11: 30-15: 00 (LAST, 14: 30)
    DINNER, 17: 00-22: 00 (LAST, 21:30)
  • We have a lot of specialties from Shimonoseki waiting for you

    Selling bananas at a street stall Moji Port in Kitakyushu, which is famous for Selling bananas at a street stall
    Port harbor facing across the straits Shimonoseki

    Including the dishes of the famous tiger puffer and Whale
    At the outlook restaurant that gathered a lot of local fresh ingredients and specialties
    We will welcome everyone who visits this town

    You can confirm the details of the restaurant, such as the menu, from the link to "To the page of the restaurant" on the lower right
  • Variety of Shimonoseki premium meals plan prepared

    As an odd night's meal plan
    Lineup focusing on dishes of Shimonoseki Specialty “Pufferfish”, and "Whale"
    Experienced craftsmen will prepare you one by one carefully
    If you are a number of children, at the top floor view restaurant
    Please spend relaxingly at the banquet hall for groups of large numbers

    One night with two meals plan, you can check the link "to the accommodation plan List" in the lower right

Relaxing tiredness of the trip, calm space

  • Speaking of Shimonoseki, Edo of the Choshu Clan

    It is a historic town where many Innoshin magazines ran through the era of turbulence
    Since ancient times this city is a key point of maritime transport including distribution and travel
    Kano Ryoma Sakamoto and Kichinosuke Saigo also traveled across this strait and went to Kyoto and Edo

    Contrary to the magnitude of its calorie once released
    Entering the sea side from the main road, the hotel is in a very quiet environment
    The scenes of the straits that the men also looked at, while repeated their hot feelings
    Please relax and heal the tiredness of long trip

Breakfast is buffet in the morning sun at the observation restaurant

  • Charge the energy of the day looking at the strait that shines on the morning sun

     We offer free Japanese and Western buffet breakfast for our guests

     Baked bread and scent of coffee arouse appetite

     Curry is also popular for customers who want to eat steadily from the morning

         Hours of breakfast

     7: 00, ~, 9: 30 (LAST, 9: 00)

    ※As part of measures against the new coronavirus infection, buffet-style breakfast will be discontinued for the time being from March 9 (Monday) and will be served in Japanese set-meal format.

Latest Notice

  • Announcement of Breakfast at San Sousse Restaurant

    As part of measures against the new coronavirus infection, buffet-style breakfast will be discontinued for the time being from March 9 (Monday) and will be served in Japanese set-meal format.
    Business hours are usually the same.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.
  • 2020 Celebration Set Meal

    Spring of encounter and parting.
    A delicious and cute low dining table has been added to your celebration table.
    2,500 yen Celebration Set Meal Hana and 4,000 yen festive table Kotobuki(Price excluding tax)
    We have a restaurant on the 10th floor and a private room.
    ※10% service charge is required for private rooms

    See the flyer for details. (Displayed from the lower right link)

Notice to customers

Past Announcements

  • Wi-Fi facility renewal was completed

     Flet's Hikari, Super High Speed Type Hayabusa, Notice of introduction

     2017. Wi - Fi equipment of the whole building was renewed from December. Up and down speed is secured enough, YouTube playback is smooth.
     Wireless internet can be used comfortably in the rooms as well as lobbies and restaurants.

     When using the hotel, please set a new Wi-Fi and try a comfortable wireless environment.
  • We started offering fresh baked bread at restaurant Sans Souci

    Guests of the hotel can also offer free service breakfast and lunchtime dinner time.

    ■Breakfast, 7: 00 to 9: 30 (Last Order 9: 00)

    ■Lunch, 11: 30-15: 00(Last Order 14: 30), From \ 1,200

    ■Dinner, 17: 00-22: 00(Last Order 21: 30), From \ 1,200
           (The last order of some menus is 21:00)
  • For travel agencies, guide for groups for groups

    We prepared a lunch menu book for group customers.

    We have a wide variety of dishes from Shimonoseki Specialty as Japanese-style dishes and general Japanese dishes.

    The view restaurant can accommodate up to 80 people and the private room can accommodate up to 40 people.

    For details, please feel free to contact us for reservations.

    The details of the one night accommodation plan can be seen from the link in the lower right


  • 2020 Spring farewell party plan

    The welcome and farewell party season of 2020 spring has arrived.
    How to send, how to send, how to excite the new start ...
    We have prepared a spring welcome and farewell party plan to color your meeting and parting place.
    All-you-can-drink 25 kinds of drinks for 120 minutes to hearty buffet dishes!
    It is a great plan that includes both service charge and tax.

    A plan large plate buffet dishes 8 dishes All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes from toast 5,000 yen per person

    B plan large plate buffet 9 dishes 120 minutes from toast with all-you-can-drink 6,000 yen per person

    C plan large plate buffet 10 dishes All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes from toast 1 person 7,000 yen
  • Banquet Hall·Information on the conference room

    We will provide you with satisfying service at large and small venues.

    [Star Light]
     Maximum number of people, 40 people, Conference·Dining together·Banquet

    [Bridge View]
     Maximum number of people, 20 people, Conference·Dining together·Banquet

    [Sans Souci]
     Maximum number of people, 80 people, Dining together·Banquet

    Reserve·Contact us
    TEL, 083-223-3333 MAIL,
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki


11-10 Hanano Town, Shimonoseki City

Telephone number



Get off at JR Shimonoseki Station, about 3 minutes by car. About 15 minutes from the Chugoku Expressway Shimonoseki IC direction of the city to the city center.1 minute on foot from the nearest bus stop Sanbyakume
Transportation access details to the hotel

Information on parking lots

  • To our guests by car

    Parking is available for ¥ 600 per vehicle per night. You can make a reservation directly by telephone or by entering the number of cars in the remarks column when making a web reservation.
    There is a limit to the number of parking places, so we will prepare in the order of advance reservation, but if you are already full at the time of WEB reservation, we will inform you of that from the hotel later.

Guidance of surrounding coin parking

  • If the parking lot at this facility is full, please use the nearby paid coin parking.

    As we will guide you from the parking lot as close to the hotel as possible, please go to the hotel front desk first. A detailed map is also available.

    You can download the map of the parking lot from the link on the lower right.

    ※As "Times Hosoecho No. 3" is located in a slightly complicated place, we have prepared an enlarged map separately for easy understanding.

    ※You can check the status of the nearest "Times Shinocho" from the link on the lower right.

Reserve·Contact us

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